Star-COLIBRI: Strategic Targets for 2020
Collaboration Initiative on Biorefineries

Star-COLIBRI project: biorefinery clustering


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This section provides you with an overview of the various tasks of the Star-COLIBRI project. Click on the titles to obtain information about the tasks you are interested about.

Background analysis

  • Report on the current situation for biorefineries: sustainability, policy, biomass availability, industry initiatives
  • Analysis of different LCA methodologies and impact assessments

Biorefinery research

  • Biorefinery project clustering:  ‘StarClustering’
  • Public Private Partnerships in the area of biorefinery
  • Global mapping of research projects and initiatives: biorefinery portal
  • Recommendations for a trans-national research programme in the area of biorefineries research

Shaping European policies 

  • European Biorefinery 2030 Vision Document
  • European Biorefinery Joint Strategic Research Roadmap for 2020
  • Lead Market Initiative on Biobased products

Disseminating project results: organising major biorefinery events

  • Expert Forum Conference on European Biorefineries – April 2011
  • High-level Policy Maker Conference Agenda and Proceedings – October 2011
  • Further dissemination activities

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Star-COLIBRI project: 2 years of succesful collaborations come to an end

Star-COLIBRI project: 2 years of succesful collaborations come to an end
The Star-COLIBRI project succesfully ended on 31 October 2011 after 2 ...