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External publications

"TAKING BIO-BASED FROM PROMISE TO MARKET"- Measures to promote the market introduction of innovative bio-based products

The Commission appointed in 2008 the Ad-hoc Advisory Group for Bio-based Products to analyse the market conditions for various products made from renewable raw material. The current report from the Advisory Group is a result of the Commission's Lead Market Initiative. The report Taking Bio-based from promise to market focuses on measures relating to legislation, policies, standards, labels, certification and public procurement. The topics of communication, awareness and access to finance need to be elaborated further in a future report.

OECD: The Bioeconomy to 2030: designing a policy agenda 

The IFP project "The Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda" is assessing how pervasive and widespread biotechnological applications are likely to be, the prospects for convergence over the next two to three decades, the likely impact on the economy, and the implications for policy.


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Star-COLIBRI project: 2 years of succesful collaborations come to an end

Star-COLIBRI project: 2 years of succesful collaborations come to an end
The Star-COLIBRI project succesfully ended on 31 October 2011 after 2 ...