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How can you contribute to the project? 12-02-2010

What can you do to help this project become a success story? At this stage you can provide us with information about ongoing biorefinery-related research projects in your country. You may know about some project managers who would be interested in making their project a Star Project.

What are Star- and Comet Projects?

A Star Project shall be a large leading research project linked to a demonstration facility, which can be clustered with smaller Comet Projects, more specific projects of excellence on the national or regional level, with a shorter lifetime and fewer resources.

What are the benefits of a StarCluster?

Potential candidates to Star- and Comet projects will be identified and we will assess gaps, overlaps and complementarities, aiming at establishing close collaboration and information exchange, which shall result in mutual benefits. This strategy is called StarClustering. The benefits for the participants of a StarCluster are numerous, ranging from improvements in the use of information between project stakeholders to a higher degree of visibilty to society, industry and policymakers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to collaborate with us or if you would like to know more about the Star-COLIBRI project!


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